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About Us

Southern Oak Aquatics was established in 2011 with the goal of providing the highest quality aquarium products at reasonable prices. With our initial focus on freshwater ornamental shrimp and planted aquariums we rapidly grew into one of the largest retailers of shrimp and plant products in the nation.

Since then, our focus has shifted to terrestrial plants. We now grow and sell a vast array of tropical plants from the common to the incredibly rare. Our primary collections include hundreds of begonias, ferns, carnivorous plants, orchids, gesneriads, and more.

We have a seasonally rotating stock of several hundred begonias. Including rex hybrids, rhizomatous hybrids and species, as well as many species that are yet to be described by science. We regularly import new and unusual species and cultivars, as well as participating in propagation programs for other commercial nurseries and botanical gardens. 

Our fern collection includes several common species, as well as regular imports from Asia, and South America. We're proud to say that many of our ferns are difficult or impossible to find anywhere else in the country.

Our commitment to conservation drives and defines who we choose to partner with, and what we include in our collection. We never sell any wild collected plants, and condemn the act of plant poaching. All of our plants are produced from cutting, seed, spore, or tissue culture. Sometimes we do introduce new plants to market. These are generally the offspring of plants collected by licensed "plant explorers" in the employ of botanical gardens.

If we can ever assist you in any way, please let us know.

Clay Turville
Owner - Southern Oak Aquatics

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